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Purpose :  ready made e-commerce "turnkey" website bussiness to make money online.

It's No Secret

 Turnkey Websites have been around  online for quite sometime. These ready made Website businesses are completely functional and maintained turnkey means ready made. These Websites create extra income streams for thousands of people day in and day out  in over 200 countries worldwide. You may have seen and info mercials on TV about this subject but may or may not have known what it was all about. Jeff Paul shortcut to internet millions is one. Of course I am not affiliated with him in no way.  Once you purchase your website all you have to do is turn the key turn it on and it will work for you 24/7 even after you turn off your computer people will still visit your Website business. you 100% own it.

Easy Point and click interface Control panel

 Turn Key Nation offers a simple built in point and click  control panel in which you can  run your whole website you have 100% complete control of it and its profits. You don't need to know one single thing about programming to run any of their websites. Even if you have never owned or ran a website. They allow you add new products, change prices, add categories, send out newsletters, run specials, and much much more with  simple clicks of your mouse.

3 days and your are in Business

Turnkey Nation sets up and launches your website. It takes about 3 business days after ordering  for your website to but up and running. After a one time purchase fee it and it is launched you run and have  have full control of your website business you can maintain it run day to day operations advertise it market it etc. 

There are no hidden fees. There is a onetime purchase fee.  They offer you 1 year of free hosting with no contract after the year is up you are free to either stay with turnkey nation or move your site elsewhere. They offer great marketing support through  a wealth of e-books tips and hints and various information on how to market your website. They also offer great website support.  

Custom built Websites

You can either purchase a prebuilt website or a custom built e-commerce website if you prefer. Since you 100% completely own your website you are free to change any of the graphics or color coordination of your Web site to fit your tastes.

Yes you can Even Resell your Website

If you website becomes valuable which a lot of websites do you can even re-sell your website company. sites and packages range for every budget from $49 to  $399 - $899 no hidden fees every price is itemized on their site.

Turnkey Nation offers Website  in Categories:

They have a complete niche for just about every product below is just a few that caught my eye.

of course visit their site for complete categories>>

  •  Ad sense
  •  Affiiates
  • Non Affiliates
  • Amazon
  • Art Websites
  • Bath N Body
  • Coffee
  • Registrar
  • Pharmacy
  • Lingerie
  • Dropship
  • Travel
  • Personal
  • Reseller 

 Turnkey Nation offers other free features such as:

Free Website builder

E-Commerce Templates

Website Templates

I was also surprised that for many of their Drop ship Websites they offer full product automation. **note this is only for drop ship websites. which require a lot of inventory maintenance.

 However their Data consolidation services run  $9.99 fee per month. I found this to be very reasonable considering that I found that similiar services with other companies ran upwards from $50 per month.

Rating Turnkey Nation

Overall I found Turnkey Nation's Homepage to be very credible they have been around for about 7 years or so. They are very well search engine optimized they come up in the top of search query's they offer a a muultitude of niche sites and products and is a great starting place for the professional website owner to the most novice owner just starting out. I liked the fact that they keep it simple. Especially on a topic that can at times be very complex. All of the sites were  well organized and in alphabetical order and all prices were fully labeled with no hidden costs or fees. They are very up front of what they offer.

However their customer service is very bad and slow. If you have questions and you call their toll free number their is no live representative they ask you to leave your number and they will call you back. If you email them the average response time is  well over 24 hours it takes them about 2 - 3 days for follow up. Which is very bad. Great product selection I do not reccommend them.

                                                          When you visit their site also do not forget  to check out their testimonials.


                                      I hope this review was helpful to you in some way. thanks for reading it. Add a comment if you like.



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